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Ice Breaker 2 UP ON 19/02/2012 at 9:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 Neil Campbell
Team Members
Ed Clifton
Ayr RoadsCC 4 Male 22min 58sec
2 James Ryland
Team Members
Gordon Stead
Fullarton Wheelers 4 Male 21min 48sec
3 tony nugent
Team Members
Wilson Kane
Eastkilbride RC V Male 24min 24sec
4 Andrew Wilson
Team Members
David Turner
St. Christopher's V Male 25min 25sec
5 matthew evans
Team Members
richard provan
glasgow couriers cc 4 Male 22min 00sec
6 Neil Walker
Team Members
Charles Vincent
Walkers Cycling Club 3 Male 22min 04sec
7 Stephen Cassidy
Team Members
Kevin Brown
FWCC V Male 23min 39sec
8 Colin Freeman
Team Members
Genevieve Freemaan
EKRC Please select Male 26min 30sec
9 andrew innes
Team Members
David Innes
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 0min 0sec
10 Stephen Hilbourne
Team Members
Michael Curran
FWCC V Male 27min 36sec
11 Fiona Walker
Team Members
Euan Cleland
Walkers CC 2 Female 27min 31sec
12 Alexander McAllister
Team Members
John Estcourt
Ayr Roads CC/Harry Fairbairn BMW V Male 22min 12sec
13 Gary Bratt
Team Members
Stuart Whitelaw
Lomond Roads CC 4 Male 23min 48sec
14 Drew Clark
Team Members
Andrew Agnew
Wallacehill CC V Male 25min 00sec
15 Laura McFarlane
Team Members
Harvie Millar
Walkers CC W Female 26min 00sec
16 Alan Rutherford
Team Members
Ali Bean
St Christophers CC Please select Male 25min 25sec
17 Graham Kerr
Team Members
John Davies
VC Glasgow South 4 Male 27min 48sec
18 andrew wilson
Team Members
Graeme Cook
Stirling Bike Club 4 Male 25min 00sec
Team Members
Walkers cc V Male 28min 21sec
20 Robert Robertson
Team Members
Iain Grant
www.Dooleys-Cycles.co.uk/Glasgow Road Club 3 Male 00min 00sec
21 Gareth Davison
Team Members
Simon Porter
None 4 Male 34min 24sec
22 david torrance
Team Members
owen ross
ayr roads 4 Male 00min 00sec
23 David Kaminski
Team Members
Alexander Muir
Walkers CC 4 Male 0min 0sec
24 Andrew McKinlay
Team Members
Geoff Smith
Glasgow Couriers V Male 25min 36sec
25 Oscar Marletta
Team Members
Fraser MacDougall
VC Glasgow South 4 Male 0min 0sec
26 B C F Paterson
Team Members
Archie Johnstone
Stirling Bike Club 4 Male 23min 05sec
27 Stephen Begg
Team Members
Charlie Adams
VC Glasgow South 4 Male 23min 0sec
28 Peter Forsythe
Team Members
Tommy Gribbon
Walkers CC V Male 26min 42sec
29 Stuart McLean
Team Members
Scott Kerr
Walkers Cycling Club V Male 26min 03sec
30 christopher mcconnell
Team Members
Alan moonie
Unattached 4 Male 00min 00sec
31 Katherine Wren
Team Members
Kat Cooke
Stirling Bike Club W Female 26min 37sec
Team Members
John McCrory
Glasgow United CC V Male 22min 46sec
33 Paul Gareze
Team Members
Fraser MacBeath
Lomond Roads CC/Moray Firth Cycling Club 3 Male 22min 40sec
34 Jonny May
Team Members
Ken Russell
Edinburgh RC 3 Male 22min 31sec
35 Colin Meikle
Team Members
Jim Mcaneny
St Christophers V Male 24min 3sec
Team Members
Pat Morris
Glasgow United CC V Male 0min 0sec
37 Richard Sykes
Team Members
George Gass
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 23min 34sec
38 michael nicolson
Team Members
Scot Robertson
unattached 1 Male 22min 07sec
39 Peter Alexander
Team Members
Alan McCall
Fullarton Wheelers 4 Male 29min 30sec
40 Mark Lang
Team Members
Steven Turbitt
Glasgow United CC 1 Male 30min 00sec
41 stephen blom
Team Members
Franco Bianchini
Paisley Velo 3 Male 22min 59sec
42 Catherine Logan
Team Members
Russell Mowat
Walkers Cycling Club W Female 26min 39sec
43 John Walker
Team Members
David Barclay
Lomond Roads CC V Male 23min 50sec
44 chris smart
Team Members
Ben Peacock
Paisley Velo RT 3 Male 20min 25sec
45 Colin Gillespie
Team Members
Derek McMillan
St Christophers 4 Male 23min 34sec
46 Kenneth Christie
Team Members
Iain Cowden
Johnstone Wheelers CC Please select Male 22min 47sec
47 A J Pratt
Team Members
Martin Johnston
Glasgow Couriers/Thomsons Cycles 4 Male 35min 0sec
48 Mark Skilling
Team Members
Mick Robb
Ayr Road/Harry Fairbairn 3 Male 21min 39sec
49 Steven Lockhart
Team Members
John Watters
Walkers CC V Male 33min 30sec
Team Members
Gordon Howie
Glasgow United CC V Male 25min 00sec
51 graeme crichton
Team Members
Alistair Crichton
Glasgow Couriers CC 4 Male 0min 0sec
52 Gordon Dick
Team Members
lomond roads V Male 23min 10sec
53 Paul McInally
Team Members
Mr Scott Bullivant
Rock & Road Cycles 3 Male 21min 59sec
54 Greg Kerr
Team Members
Greg Kerr, Mark Davidson
Glasgow Couriers/Thomsons Cycles 4 Male 35min 0sec
55 mandy cullie
Team Members
Alan Cullie
St Christophers W Female 29min 30sec
56 garry dunn
Team Members
graham wood
glasgow couriers 4 Male 25min 00sec
57 Lynne Wardrop
Team Members
Toni McIntosh
Ayr Roads CC W Female 30min 20sec
58 Daniel Howes
Team Members
James Stenhouse
Walkers Cycling 4 Male 0min 0sec
59 James MacDonald
Team Members
Johny Cosh
Paisley Velo 3 Male 21min 38sec
60 Colin Davidson
Team Members
Lorna Sloan
Fullarton Wheelers 4 Female 29min 0sec


Made up of 60 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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