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FWCC Ice Breaker ON 21/02/2016 at 09:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 alan graham st christophers cc V Male 24min 59sec
  Brian McKelvie st christophers cc V Male 25min 05sec
2 Tony Scott Loudoun road club S Male 21min 39sec
  Marc Anderson Loudoun road club S Male 21min 37sec
3 Steven Grier Loudoun RC V Male 23min 50sec
  Craig Gilmour Loudoun RC V Male 00min 00sec
4 Steven Smith Royal Albert CC V Male 23min 0sec
  Paul Keoghan Royal Albert V Male 23min 42sec
5 Ian Anderson Walkers CC V Male 22min 38sec
  David Baird Walkers Cycling V Male 21min 31sec
6 Gordon Dick lomondroads V Male 22min 31sec
  dave barclay lomond roads V Male 22min 09sec
7 Robbie Rae lomondroads Y Male 00min 00sec
  Douglas Crawford lomond roads Y Male 24min 30sec
8 Jonny May Edinburgh RC V Male 22min 31sec
  Sonya Drummond Dundee Thistle W Female 26min 09sec
9 christopher mcconnell Loudoun road club V Male 25min 12sec
  Simon Woodliff Ayr Roads CC S Male 22min 30sec
10 scott mckendrick Velo club vitesse V Male 35min 7sec
  William Beck Velo Club Vitesse V Male 32min 27sec
11 Lorna Sloan Ayrodynamic Tri Club V Female 28min 08sec
  Andy Clapperton Ayrodynamic Tri Club V Male 28min 30sec
12 Ewen MacGillivray Sandy Wallace Cycles S Male 21min 52sec
  Alan Mill Sandy Wallace Cycles S Male 20min 55sec
13 Martin Smith St Christophers CC S Male 26min 38sec
  Derek Gibb st christophers S Male 27min 00sec
14 Fiona Walker Walkers Cycling Club W Female 28min 13sec
  John Walker Walkers Cycling Club V Male 30min 00sec
15 Calum Hume Ayr Roads C C V Male 22min 30sec
  Jody Gerrard Ayr Roads CC S Male 22min 26sec
16 Kevin Brown Ayr Roads CC S Male 21min 43sec
  Michael Curran Ayr Roads CC S Male 21min 52sec
17 Edward Clifton Ayr Roads CC S Male 21min 23sec
  Alastair McGibbon Ayr Roads CC S Male 22min 10sec
18 Laura McFarlane Walkers CC S Female 29min 06sec
  Kuhn Martin Walkers CC V Male 25min 00sec
19 Mark Skilling Icarus racing V Male 20min 59sec
  Michael Robb Ayr rds S Male 21min 03sec
20 Derek Skinner Fullarton Wheelers S Male 23min 14sec
  Ryan Broadfoot Fullarton Wheelers Y Male 00min 00sec
21 Kyle Johnston Provision Clothing Racing Team S Male 21min 50sec
  Angus Claxton Glasgow Cycle Team S Male 22min 10sec
22 james truswell Vc Glasgow south S Male 24min 41sec
  Gary Wallace VC Glasgow South S Male 25min 00sec
23 Catriona Gunn Sandy Wallace Cycles W Female 24min 10sec
  Richard MacPherson Glasgow United cc V Male 22min 43sec
24 Sean Barron Fullarton Wheelers S Male 23min 18sec
  James Ryland Fullarton Wheelers V Male 22min 02sec
25 Pamela Craig RCCK W Female 27min 03sec
  Nicola Smith Rcck W Female 23min 50sec
26 Gary Bratt Velocity44 S Male 22min 14sec
  Stuart Whitelaw Velocity 44 V Male 22min 06sec
27 Robert Gardiner Glasgow Green CC V Male 24min 0sec
  Allan Dickson Glasgow Green Cycle Club V Male 25min 30sec
28 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads CC V Male 22min 13sec
  Robert Kelly Ayr Roads CC V Male 22min 17sec
29 Iain Martin Glasgow Green CC V Male 26min 20sec
  Vince Wells Glasgow Green CC V Male 24min 37sec
30 Kieran Mooney Glenmarnock Wheelers S Male 26min 10sec
  Douglas McArthur Glenmarnock Wheelers V Male 25min 20sec
31 David McCormack Paisley Velo CC S Male 22min 28sec
  Scott Bradley Paisley Velo Cycling Club S Male 22min 45sec
32 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads W Female 23min 13sec
  Janet Erskine Ayr Roads CC W Female 24min 40sec
33 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle V Male 21min 30sec
  Brian Sproul Dundee Thistle V Male 21min 50sec
34 Brian Cameron Lomond Roads V Male 22min 56sec
  Martin Edgar Lomond roads S Male 22min 45sec
35 Scott Maclean Ayr Roads V Male 23min 17sec
  Paul McGhee Ayr roads cc S Male 23min 02sec
36 Martin Ewart Mcneely Royal Alber CC S Male 23min 53sec
  mark byers royal albert S Male 27min 13sec
37 Peter Anderson The racers S Male 22min 01sec
  Phil Trodden Team Moda Anon S Male 21min 00sec
38 Karl Farmer VC Glasgow South S Male 23min 49sec
  David Morrison VC Glasgow South V Male 23min 43sec
39 Graham Wilson Royal Albert S Male 28min 56sec
  David Hogg None V Male 33min 00sec
40 Andy Brown Glasgow Cycle Team S Male 20min 38sec
  Lewis Mulholland Glasgow cycle team S Male 22min 58sec
41 aileen clyde Fullarton Wheelers W Female 24min 38sec
  Catherine Logan Fullarton Wheelers W Female 23min 35sec
42 HUGH MURRAY Fullarton Wheelers V Male 25min 34sec
  Douglas McIlwraith fullarton wheelers V Male 00min 00sec
43 colin davis Velo Club Vitesse S Male 27min 15sec
  Richard Powell Velo Club Vitesse S Male 37min 34sec
44 Jason Fogarty Edinburgh RC S Male 21min 50sec
  Ken Russell Edinburgh RC V Male 21min 54sec
45 Dave Walker Fullarton Wheelers S Male 23min 48sec
  Paul Young N/A S Male 0min 0sec
46 Virginia Beckett Glenmarnock Wheelers Cycle Club W Female 32min 0sec
  Pauline Taylor Glenmarnock Wheelers W Female 32min 00sec
47 Robert Waddell Glenmarnock Wheelers Cycle Club V Male 29min 19sec
  Scott Gardiner Glenmarnock Wheelers V Male 30min 05sec
48 Brian Nicol FWCC V Male 22min 09sec
  Jennifer Nicol Fullarton Wheelers W Female 28min 32sec
49 Carole Dick Stirling Bike Club W Female 26min 38sec
  Katherine Wren Stirling BC W Female 25min 35sec
50 Emma Maclaren Johnstone Wheelers W Female 26min 16sec
  Jess Millar Johnstone wheelers J Female 26min 00sec
51 Scott Knox Ayr Roads V Male 25min 03sec
  Bobby Mcghee Ayr Roads V Male 25min 15sec
52 Patrick Mullen Royal Albert S Male 26min 44sec
  James Allison Royal Albert CC V Male 26min 45sec
53 alan mills Royal Albert W Male 25min 53sec
  David Smith Royal Albert CC S Male 26min 05sec
54 marc Kelly Paisley Velo S Male 25min 0sec
  Paul Howieson Paisley Velo V Male 25min 0sec
55 Derek Smith Royal Albert V Male 25min 0sec
  Brian Murdoch None V Male 26min 0sec
56 Steven Brennan Pro Am RC S Male 22min 29sec
  Keith Anderson Pro-Am rc S Male 22min 15sec
57 Tony Drummond Glasgow Green Cycle Club V Male 28min 09sec
  Craig Dymock GGCC S Male 25min 55sec
58 William Turner Falkirk V Male 23min 45sec
  Joe Shaw Falkirk V Male 23min 17sec
59 Paul Robinson N/A S Male 00min 00sec
  Rory Hanley N/a S Male 00min 00sec
60 Gary Davidson EKRC S Male 23min 30sec
  Craig Mcculloch East Kilbride RC S Male 23min 00sec


Made up of 60 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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