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FWCC Marymass 10-mile TT ON 24/08/2014 at 09:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 alan graham St Christophers cc V Male 24min 59sec
2 william mc farlane Dooleys Cyles V Male 21min 27sec
3 Brian Nicol Ayr roads V Male 22min 09sec
4 Jennifer Nicol Fullarton Wheelers W Female 28min 45sec
5 Frazer Bell Walkers CC S Male 23min 48sec
6 Steven Smith Royal Albert CC V Male 23min 01sec
7 David McCormack Paisley Velo RT S Male 22min 36sec
8 Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads CC W Female 23min 39sec
9 Graham Barron Glasgow Road Club V Male 22min 19sec
10 Alastair Macfarlane Fullarton Wheelers V Male 23min 24sec
11 Alan Jardine VC GLASGOW SOUTH V Male 24min 59sec
12 Claire Hamilton Paisley Velo W Female 26min 59sec
13 Steven Grier Loudoun RC V Male 25min 11sec
14 Jon Clarke Glasgow Wheelers S Male 21min 39sec
15 Katie Wallace Fullarton Wheelers W Female 31min 30sec
16 Gordon Douglas Royal Albert V Male 24min 48sec
17 David Mitchell Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club V Male 24min 03sec
18 Cameron Scade Dumfries CC S Male 22min 18sec
19 david wards West Lothian Clarion V Male 22min 55sec
20 Stephen Donaldson FWCC V Male 34min 22sec
21 Craig Mcgowan pedal power rt S Male 23min 11sec
22 J A Goldie Walkers Cycling Club V Male 25min 55sec
23 Richard sutherland Icarus Racing V Male 21min 20sec
24 Steven Brennan Pro-Am RC S Male 22min 17sec
25 Iain Duguid Bicycleworks RT V Male 21min 18sec
26 Robert Gilmour Glasgow Nightingale S Male 22min 24sec
27 ronald graham law wheelers V Male 22min 46sec
28 John Dunlop Loudoun RC S Male 21min 03sec
29 JOHN GALLAGHER royal albert cc V Male 25min 01sec
30 Stuart Donaghy Lomond roads S Male 24min 00sec
31 Brian McGhee Chryston Wheelers V Male 23min 12sec
32 Gordon Graham Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 57sec
33 Bob Taylor Dooleys RT V Male 22min 40sec
34 James MacDonald West Lothian Clarion V Male 25min 55sec
35 Ronnie Todd Loudoun Road Club S Male 21min 23sec
36 tommy gribbon walkers cc S Male 25min 30sec
37 Derek Skinner Fullarton Wheelers V Male 24min 36sec
38 david baird Walkers V Male 22min 12sec
39 Alan Thomson Sandy Wallace Cycles S Male 20min 07sec
40 Brian Loye Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 15sec
41 Andy Brown Glasgow Cycle Team J Male 20min 38sec
42 Gerry Mcgarrity Paisley Velo RT V Male 20min 08sec
43 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Nightingale V Male 20min 42sec
44 Gordon Mclarnon Fullarton Wheelers S Male 23min 59sec
45 ROBERT MARTIN Gala CC S Male 22min 12sec
46 Gordon Stead Fullarton Wheelers V Male 20min 58sec
47 Tony Scott Loudoun RC S Male 22min 06sec
48 Colin Sergeant Law wheelers S Male 23min 21sec
49 Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo RT V Male 20min 23sec
50 Paul Friel glasgow Road Club V Male 22min 12sec
51 Toni McIntosh Ayr Roads W Female 23min 13sec
52 Tam Gordon Dooleys RT V Male 19min 44sec
53 David M Beattie Hawick CC S Male 23min 11sec
54 Darren Kean FWCC S Male 22min 03sec
55 David Sykes Glasgow Green CC V Male 27min 04sec
56 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC V Male 21min 50sec
57 Stephen Robertson Team thomson cycles Please select Male 23min 02sec
58 Gavin Laffoley Fife Century Road Club J Male 25min 18sec
59 Sean Gray Dooleys RT V Male 21min 30sec
60 Bill Aiton race engineering V Male 22min 17sec
61 Alan Robertson race engineering V Male 22min 01sec
62 V Martin www.dooleyscycles.co.uk V Female 24min 15sec
63 BENJAMIN PEACOCK Paisley Velo RT S Male 19min 38sec
64 Duncan Ewing The Bicycle Works S Male 21min 11sec
65 James Ryland Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 48sec


Made up of 65 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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