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Ice Breaker 2-up Time Trial ON 17/02/2013 at 09:00

Name Club Cat Gender   PB
1 Alan Mooney
Team Members
'Keith Anderson'
Ayr roads V Male 22min 51sec
2 Alastair Macfarlane
Team Members
'Kenny Girvan'
Ayrodynamic V Male 23min 26sec
3 Neil Walker
Team Members
'Charles Vincent'
Walkers Cycling Club 3 Male 21min 03sec
4 Fiona Herbertson
Team Members
Julie McTaggart
Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club W Female 27min 02sec
5 James Ryland
Team Members
'Gordon Stead'
Fullarton Wheelers V Male 21min 48sec
6 Kevin Brown
Team Members
'Guy Walker'
FWCC 4 Male 23min 40sec
7 tony nugent
Team Members
'Wilson Kane'
eastkilbride rc V Male 23min 25sec
8 Bill Aiton
Team Members
'alan robertson'
race engineering V Male 22min 17sec
9 Calum Hume
Team Members
'Robert Kelly'
ayr roads cc V Male 22min 42sec
10 Laura McFarlane
Team Members
'Darren Ridout'
Walkers Cycling Club 4 Female 28min 00sec
11 Steven Smith
Team Members
'Richard Warnock'
Royal Albert Cc V Male 24min 50sec
12 Iain Elliott
Team Members
'Brian McLellan'
West Lothian Clarion 4 Male 23min 50sec
13 Gary Bratt
Team Members
'Stuart Whitelaw'
Lomond Roads CC 4 Male 22min 59sec
14 Mandy Cullie
Team Members
'Alan Cullie'
St Christopher CC W Female 28min 37sec
15 a j mccall
Team Members
'hugh murray'
fullarton wheelers V Male 25min 00sec
16 Paul Gareze
Team Members
'Fraser Macbeath'
Lomond Roads CC/Moray Firth Cycling Club 3 Male 22min 40sec
17 Jonny May
Team Members
'Ken Russell (Edinburgh RC)'
Edinburgh RC 2 Male 23min 0sec
18 Darren Stewart
Team Members
'Ricky Sutherland'
Pro Am RC Please select Male 22min 34sec
19 Tom Forbes
Team Members
'Willie Laitwaite (Ivy CC)'
VC Astar Anderside Tools V Male 24min 00sec
20 Catherine Logan
Team Members
'Russell Mowat'
Walkers Cycling Club W Female 24min 36sec
21 William Jackson
Team Members
'Andrew Mortimer'
Lomond Roads CC 4 Male 24min 00sec
22 John Walker
Team Members
'Scott McLelland'
Lomond Roads CC 4 Male 24min 15sec
23 Andrew Wilson
Team Members
'Alan Rutherford'
St Christoper's CC V Male 25min 25sec
24 Paul McInally
Team Members
'Scott Bullivant'
Rock & Road Cycles 3 Male 22min 25sec
25 Colin Meikle
Team Members
'Alan Graham'
St Christophers V Male 24min 03sec
26 Robert Wilson
Team Members
'Andrew Prenelle'
Glasgow Couriers 3 Male 21min 57sec
Team Members
Walkers CC V Male 29min 35sec
28 Jason Barnes
Team Members
'Gavin Thomson'
Glasgow Nightingale CC 4 Male 21min 50sec
29 Gordon Dick
Team Members
'nick tryon'
lomond roads V Male 22min 23sec
30 jane brian
Team Members
'Ian Broadhurst'
Royal Albert V Male 27min 00sec
31 Mark Skilling
Team Members
'Mick Robb'
Ayr Roads CC V Male 21min 39sec
32 Graeme Daly
Team Members
'Dave Barclay'
Lomond Roads CC V Male 24min 0sec
33 Jennifer Nicol
Team Members
'Ian Collins'
Fullarton Wheelers V Female 30min 30sec
34 Brian Nicol
Team Members
'Grant Young'
Ayr Roads V Male 22min 50sec
35 David Kaminski
Team Members
'Alexander Muir'
Walkers Cycling Club 4 Male 27min 00sec
36 Roger Crawford
Team Members
'Baldy Greg'
Team Thomsons Cycles 4 Male 25min 0sec
37 Stephen Blom
Team Members
'Ben Peacock'
paisley velo rt 3 Male 20min 17sec
38 Michael Martin
Team Members
'Stevie Begen'
East Kilbride RC 3 Male 23min 09sec
39 David McCormack
Team Members
'James MacDonald'
Paisley Velo RT 4 Male 23min 45sec
40 Fiona Wallace
Team Members
'Paula Wilson'
Walkers 4 Female 34min 30sec
41 Lynne Wardrop
Team Members
'Toni McIntosh'
Ayr Roads CC 4 Female 25min 03sec
42 Richard Provan
Team Members
'Matt Evans'
Glasgow Couriers 3 Male 22min 15sec
43 Allan Pratt
Team Members
'Martin Johnston'
Team Thomsons Cycles 4 Male 29min 02sec
44 Mark Forrest
Team Members
'John Craig'
Team Thomsons Cycles V Male 26min 00sec
45 Clare Scott
Team Members
'Marc Anderson'
loudoun RC 4 Female 27min 0sec
46 Jack Carlin
Team Members
'Jonathan Mitchell'
Team Thomsons Cycles 4 Male 27min 00sec
47 Gillian Carlin
Team Members
'Sarah Mitchell'
Team Thomsons Cycles W Female 30min 00sec
48 Geoff Smith
Team Members
'Andy mcKinlay'
Glasgow Couriers V Male 22min 47sec
49 Geoff Smith
Team Members
'Lynsey Curran'
Glasgow Couriers V Male 20min 12sec
50 Colin Gillespie
Team Members
'Alan McAuley'
St Christophers CC V Male 23min 45sec
51 Sean Gordon
Team Members
'Keith Laird'
Team Thomsons Cycles 3 Male 24min 00sec
52 David Griffiths
Team Members
'Andrew Whitehall'
Glasgow Wheelers 2 Male 20min 30sec
53 Neill Kemp
Team Members
'Phil Deveney'
glasgow nightingale 4 Male 24min 0sec
54 Sadiq Mir
Team Members
'Matthew Ball'
West Lothian Clarion 4 Male 22min 25sec
55 Ken Tree
Team Members
'James Tree'
Deeside Thistle V Male 27min 10sec
56 Kenneth Ayre
Team Members
'Katie Archibald'
City of Edinburgh RC 3 Male 22min 40sec
Team Members
'John McCrory'
Glasgow united cc 3 Male 23min 03sec
58 david torrance
Team Members
'owen ross'
ayr roads cycling club 3 Male 23min 00sec
59 Paul Hornby
Team Members
'Terence McMahon'
Glasgow Ivy CC 4 Male 24min 10sec
60 David Fulton
Team Members
'Paul Torrance'
Ayr Roads CC V Male 23min 00sec


Made up of 60 entries completed, 0 entries waiting for payment, and 0 entries being reviewed by site admin.

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